15"x20" All Natural Microwavable Rice Heating or Cooling Pad

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15"x20" All Natural Microwavable Rice Heating or Cooling Pad Summary

These Bags are made by hand here at Kozy Komfort bags to help people who have problems with muscle aches and pains. They help with stress headaches, stiff necks, arthritis, migrain headaches, pulled muscles, etc. When you pop them in your microwave for a minute or two, they will provide beautiful moist heat that feels like heaven! You'll be absolutely amazed at how wonderful it feels.

They're also great to reduce swelling when frozen for a few hours. You may want to store one in the freezer for emergencies.

Or throw one in your bed by your feet for a foot or bed warmer! It can make you feel pampered, warm, and ready for a great night's sleep.

So safe you can let your child with an earache or any ache go to sleep while lying on it or under it!
You'll never have to worry about them turning the control up too high, or having an electrical fire break out.

The size of this bag is 15" x 20" . Made with a soft fleece on the front side and 100% cotton on the back.This Kozy Komfort Bag is filled with Long Grain Rice and sewn into 14 sections to keep the grain evenly distributed. Large bags may be folded to fit in your microwave or freezer.

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